Custom Camp Glow-in-the-Dark Neon T-shirt

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Because this T-shirt is custom, there is a minimum order of 8 shirts. Message must be the SAME for all shirts.

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This Camp T-shirt is totally CUSTOM - personalize with your family name, company name or event!

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Camping Theme Birthday Party Idea

The Invitation
Attention Campers… - Help us Celebrate [child’s name]” Birthday! RSVP to the Camp Directors [name, phone, email]. Picture of your child in camping gear or a graphic of a tent and campfire.

Party Details
    •    Greet “Campers” at a Camp Registration Table and give a glow-in-the-dark CampTEE from imaginTEE. “Our Custom Camp” Glow-in-the-Dark T-shirt is a great choice.
    •    Pitch a tent in the backyard
    •    Put chairs around the campfire
    •    Used a blue tarp to make a “lake” and make a boat from some cardboard boxes. Add some sticks to create a pretend fishing pond.
    •    Nature Center table for any crafts you may want the kids to do
    •    Serve lunch/dinner (hot dogs work great for the campfire)
    •    Enjoy S'’mores over the campfire

Games and Activity Ideas
    •    Play tag or capture the flag
    •    Build a campfire, have the kids find sticks and kindling to help get it started
    •    Any nature theme crafts
    •    Go for a nature hike and create a scavenger hunt list

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