Custom Glow-in-the-Dark T-shirt Screen Printing

Personalize and create your own custom glow-in-the-dark t-shirts for your party, glow run, group event, or team event. imaginTEE offers personalized service that will make you GLOW. We offer 6 different glow ink colors to choose from: glow white, glow blue, glow green, glow orange, glow pink and glow yellow.

custom glow in the dark t shirts

How do glow in the dark ink colors work?

If printed on a dark T-shirt (anything other that a white shirt) a layer of white ink must be screen printed first. The glow in the dark ink is screen printed on top of the white ink to ensure full color opacity. Each of our glow colors are a color in the daylight, then will glow that color in the dark (see chart below). The printed shirt must be exposed to light for a couple minutes so it will glow in the dark. The longer you expose the image, the longer and brighter it will glow in the dark.

If you want a one color imprint on one location, you can now order custom glow T-shirts right on our website. Check it out…

Choose from several glow in the dark ink colors!

Glow in the dark with custom personalized t-shirts designed with glow-in-the-dark ink. Don’t settle for just the standard ink, we have 6 different glow ink colors to choose from: glow white, glow blue, glow green, glow orange, glow pink and glow yellow. Plus, we do print standard ink colors, which is great for combining standard ink with glow inks! Excellent for your team, group, glow run, black-light or night-time event. We also offer a full range of non-glowing and inks which can be combined with our glow inks. So, for example, you can print a glow blue ink and a standard black for a great artwork design.

Glow in the dark ink screen printing colors

Your design can GLOW in white, blue, green, orange, yellow or pink!

Choose the company that specializes in glow in the dark screen printed shirts! imaginTEE will print your logo or artwork in your choice of color glow-in-the-dark inks. Not only do we offer the standard white glow, but also glow blue, glow green, glow orange, glow yellow or glow pink. Adding that special “something” to your T-shirt that will WOW you! Why have your custom t-shirt design be invisible at night, when you could have it stand out with our glow in the dark ink?

It is important to know, we print 2 passes of our glow ink, not just one like many other screen printers. The glow ink is more expensive than standard ink and most printers try to save money by printing only one layer of the glow in the dark ink. We guarantee we will print at least 2 passes of our glow ink, giving you a stronger, brighter glow!

We are a family-owned business… We truly care about you, our customer… we will treat you like family, taking care of your design, your printing and T-shirts so they ship out perfectly. You are not just a number, we will guarantee you are satisfied with our service and product!

Are you planning an event that you need T-shirts for? Why not have imaginTEE design a custom Glow Shirt for you! For the same price as regular printed shirts, your shirt can GLOW!!! And everyone will comment how awesome they are, just read some of our customer reviews. We can design your custom glow shirts for you, or you can email us your artwork – either way, your glowing T-shirts will be the talk of the party.

Need some ideas?

imaginTEE will be happy to offer you ideas on how to use our custom glow shirts in your event, whether it be a benefit run, a birthday party, corporate picnic, concert, laser tag event or cosmic party. Check out our Facebook page or browse our blog to see samples of what we’ve printed!

More than a T-shirt!

Although T-shirts are the most popular, we also offer ladies cut T-shirts, long-sleeve T-shirts, full-zip hoodies, pull-over hoodies, sweatshirts, polos and more.

If you are looking for something specific, click here to browse our supply site.

Custom Glow in the Dark Screen Printing on T-shirts

IMPORTANT: Minimum of 8 shirts for custom printing.

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Choose from Glow White, Glow Green, Glow Blue, Glow Pink, Glow Orange, Glow Yellow or any standard (non-glow ink colors)
Supply your event date or the date you need your T-shirts delivered. This helps us know if we can print and deliver your order in time. Average production can be anywhere from 2-10 days, plus 1-4 days for shipping.